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Thomy Jordi

2011~ Member of Nik Bärtsch's Ronin

2011~ Bassist of Adrian Stern

2011~Teacher at the Musikhochschule Luzern

2010~Teacher at the Musikhochschule Basel and at the WIAM

2010~ Member of the Funk band The Clients

2009 Winner of the Distinguished Translation Award at the 7th Shizuoka International Translation Competition, Japanese - German

2009 CD release and tour with Düde Dürst’s Psychodelic-Funk band Back to the Groove

2006~ Bassist of Adrian Weyermann

2002-2009 Member of the Pop band Rosenstolz

1999 Member of Helge Schneider's Rock project The Firefuckers

1998~ Study of the Japanese language

1996-1998 Bandleader of the Hard-Funk Crossover band Jordi's Greed

1994-2006 Teacher at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin

1993 Co-Founder of the Turkish Funk project Burhan Öcal Group

1988 Removal to Berlin. Member of New York singer Jocelyn B. Smith's Band

1987-1996 Member of the Free-Funk band The Intergalactic Maiden Ballet

1986-1988 Co-Founder of the Fusion group Stiletto. Member of Max Lässer's/ New Age group Ark

1984 Co-Founder of the Free-Funk "cult band" Donkey Kong's Multiscream

1983-1984 Study of electric bass at the Musicians Institute of Technology in Los Angeles with Jeff Berlin

1981-1983 Study of double bass at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern with Erich Peter

14.08.63 Born in Zurich, Switzerland